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Holistik Kids


In Holistik Kids we believe that kids learn the best when they are having fun, so yoga for kids classes interweave story, song, games and poses, allowing children to learn in a multi-sensory environment which explores kinesthetic, visual, aural, inter and intra- personal learning.


Yoga is a holistic practice, with a inner and an outer focus. A central tenet of yoga is respect and honor: for ourselves, for each other, and for our environment. In Holistik Kids Yoga class we go on magical journeys around the world, learning  about many cultures in the process.


In HK we want to share and inspire the little ones, the ones in the middle, the young adults, the parents and the grandparents to learn in a fun way. That is how we all learn better, we share movements arts, dance, games, music that is interesting for the specific age, in English and Spanish. 

Groups can include different ages and even the parents and family members are welcome.

With yoga certifications in Mexico and India. Maytrelli Diaz has expanded her knowledge as a Rainbow Yoga Kids instructor with recognition in the Yoga Alliance. She has playful ways to attract the attention of the younger and older ones and getting them interested in learning and using their mind in a fun way.

Yoga is not only for adults that need to release the stress away. Yoga is a fun way for children and teenagers to develop important skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Even at a young age, children often feel pressure at school socially as well as academically, in addition to the pressure of competitive organized sports.


It is easy for girls and boys to become overly self-critical, and lose confidence in themselves as they grow into teenagers and eventually they will grow into adults with low self-esteem or with different emotional problems that can be avoided at a young age.


Yoga is a great remedy; there is no judgment in a yoga class about how a child does a pose or plays a game. Doing a pose 'perfectly' is not the aim of yoga, which nourishes a child's inner strength and self-acceptance.

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