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2024 is coming on hot!
Sol Duc Retreat Center and Holistik Living are super excited to invite you to their second collaboration  on this gathering for all the family.
We had such a deep experience with our kids, our elderes doing Yoga and immersing ourselves in the healing art practices, we are ready for more...

Spirit Forest is a retreat where you will be introduced to the wisdom of Yoga, the Hindú practice that brings mind, body and spirit to peace.

Sometimes where we are chased by the clock and having the need for external things that will bring temporary fulfillment, we must take a break. This nature healing immersion will help you explore new ways to listen deeper to your body and finding answers to enliven your soul. More than only a yoga retreat, this is a holistic healing experience where you can learn how to attune to the alchemy that surfaces from nature when you paying closer attention to each part of what is You.


Taking place in a land that has been tended with much love and respect, this sanctuary on the outskirts of the Olympic National Forest it is surrounded by creeks, moss, paths and don’t let me forget about the hot springs that will host our group for a divine session in the water.

I invite you to stop... close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale trough your mouth... Now, ask your self if this is something that resonates with you. 


We are inviting you to join us to tap into in the wisdom of your being, and doing it together with all your loved ones, kids, elders, every one is welcome, because to heal for good, we need to do it together!


Desde el corazón,

Maytrelli Diaz

Meet Your Facilitators

For Holistik Living is an energetic matter who and where to work with. The collaborations, co-leaders, venues and all other details are synchronically come together.

There is no mind behind our offerings, it is exclusively divined guided. Creating synergy, this medicine women and men will create a ritualistic weekend were yoga and sound healing will divinely welcome you in nature.


Maytrelli is the founder of Holistik Living, she is the director of retreats and events that are always seeking healing, integration of the community through joy.

She is a mom, yoga and somatic movement teacher, she is a holistic life coach and mentor that has dedicated to curating an atmosphere that helps the flow of energy and brings you inspiration to deepen into your inner wisdom.

With her unique way of leading, her yoga teaching is more of a ceremonial ritual where your body is a sacred funnel where energy is moving and healing.


She is an intuitive healer a ritualist and the founder of Holistik Living. You can trust her transitions of yoga, will have a deep influence of the gold nuggets of her time living in India.

Maytrelli Diaz

Collin David

Born and raised on the island of Hawaii, Collin David loves sharing his island vibes of easiness, flow, and heart-centered living. Collin is a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga, and Qigong instructor through American Aerobic Association International, Yoga Alliance, and Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Academy, respectively. Now with thousands of hours in teaching, Collin enjoys guiding individuals through ancient Eastern practices of movement, breath, and meditation in-order to awaken our superhuman treasures that lie within us all.


With studies in Yoga, Qigong, Martial Arts, Western Fitness, Calisthenics, and other healing modalities including Sound Healing, Bodywork, and Life Coaching, he enjoys blending these arts into a complete self-care practice. Collin believes that authenticity and intention is everything, and when combined with movement, breath, and sound, we can break free from all dis-ease in the body and allow our life force to freely flow.


Logan Mac Donald

Logan is a loving father and he is an artist in whole sense.

He works his magic with wood, creating natural landscaping that are inviting and welcoming for adventures. You can see his art  all around Sol Duc Glamping Retreat. 

Sculputures of gnomes, structures and areas to retreat are only a few of the things you can enjoy.

He will be leading the Gnome Quest, guiding tours in the forest to find the legendary Big Foot and more.

He is always bringing the family together, Spirit Forest was his first intentional gathering in collaboration with Holistik Living.

Together they have curated a gret atmosphere for families.


Dana Nixon

Dana’s conscious entry onto the yoga path began in college while reading Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography. Inspired by the foundational principle of ahimsa (non-harming), she learned to crave a world where Permaculture principles of care for the land, care for the people, and fair share (where natures abundance is shared fairly among human and nonhuman life) are practiced widely. She has been farming, teaching yoga, practicing Permaculture, and building community since moving to the Olympic Peninsula in 2008. She lives with her husband and son on their Quilcene homestead.

Dana will be sharing her expertise on Permaculture and how we can create a sustainable farm like living.

 Deepen into earth’s energy with Dana

Kimber Xara

Kimber Xara considers herself a Mystic Earthling. What this means for her is that she embraces curiosity, presence, and playfulness, and believes that we are borrowing these bodies from the Earth. One of the ways she celebrates this connection is through facilitation of mindful drumming and singing.

She has been gathering songs (& writing a few of her own) for many years now and loves to share them with others... especially within the setting of the beautiful Spirit Forest!


Harmony &
Todd Fronterhouse

Todd and Harmony Fronterhouse are creators of Wildcraft Wellness, Spiritual Community Leaders and Event Facilitators dedicated to bringing awareness to holistic balance and wellness. They have been sharing their passions of art and music for over 20 years, bringing song circles, drum making workshops and visionary art to community retreats, festivals and private events.


Caretakers of the sacred elements, paradigm shifters, and twin flames, they are excited to share a transformational experience of sound healing, group connection, and will be so pleased to support the celebration for the  SPIRIT FOREST RETREAT!

Spirit FoRest Program

Introduction to Yoga & Healing Arts

  • Welcoming Ceremony

  • Yoga as a philosophy, as an  art, as a science.

  • Holistic Healing Arts

  • Classic Hindu Yoga / Yoga sutras de Patanjali

  • Ashtanga Yoga / Eight limbs of Yoga

  • Sound Bath /Hypnotherapy

  • Visit to the Hot Springs

  • Chakra Alignment Ceremony

  • Full moon ritual and sound meditation

  • Sacred Song  & Circle Drum Circle

  • Kids activities, will include Gnome Quest, Story Telling, Visit Big Foot neighborhood, Hike, Rock Painting.

Lodging at Sol Duc Retreat

Sol Duc Retreat is private piece of rain forest paradise. This sanctuary is 9 acres of forest is located a mile and a half from Lake Crescent adjacent to the Olympic national park and the Olympic discovery trail.



Magical Sanctuary in the Forest of Port Angeles

To really be immersed in the magical trails of the rain forest. We are hosting this retreat in the back doors of the Olympic National Forest where the fairies, and the elements feel alive.

We invite you to stay in a large 10 by 14 ft, heated cabin tent with airbed that is semi secluded, surrounded in ferns and old growth trees.  With many trails that loop around and outdoor facilities you can feel the outdoors living experience.

Kids and Family Activities

This offering is also thinking about the whole, we love to have those one that have kids, that want then to learn in nature and mingle with the trees, the fairies, the gnomes and play around.

Yoga for Kids and Family will be included.

We will be doing fun games that teach respect with the environment.

Scavenger Hunt & Rock Painting

We will be rock painting in nature as a way to get your kids to let the imaginations run free, while you are being immersed in resting your mind, and activating your body.

Our story teller will help bring the magic of the forest alive with his big foot, salmon, bear hisories.

Kids will be plenty busy, while you put your spirit to rest.

All Meals Included

We will be serving an Ovo Lactose Pescatarian Meals.


We try to serve mostly foods that are indigenous, organic and locally outsourced and we love to surprise you with this gourmet menu that has been curated with our team of nutritionists and healers.


We love attention to detail, and our food is sacred in every way.

Bringing your own snacks is always a great idea, as we are immersed in the forest with no shopping are close by.

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Image by Brooke Lark

What happened at the Forest:

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