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Ancestral Journey to Mexico
Remembering your True Essence

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 2024 - FEBRUARY  22- MARCH 02 


Join Holistik Living for an epic journey to the magic lands of “Mexico Magico.” Explore new layers of your Higher Self. Deepen into wonder, and tap into the wisdom of these indigenous lands, their foods and temples.


Maytrelli Diaz, your host, is native Aztec from Mexico City. She has traveled around the world looking for the answers of human existence. That search took her to many different places around the world, but her deepest experience was found in her loving, native lands of Mexico.


Ancestral Journey is her call to share the land of corn, folklore, and traditions. Through sacred ritual, you will experience Mexico’s history and holistic ancestral practices.


From Tepoztlán to Mexico City, to the the majestic Teotihuacán, Divine Pyramid of Kukulkan, Chetumal, Bacalar, and Chichenitza, we will tap into the ancestral knowledge of the Aztecs, the Mayan, and the wisdom of their elders. 


This journey will help you unfold layers of your being that you have never experienced before.

Air Ceremony

We will arrive to the International Airport of Mexico City. From there, we will explore the magic town of Tepoztlán, 90 minutes away from downtown of the Modern city. 

We will visit  the ceremonial center and through ceremony,  we will ask permission to the protectors of the land to commence our inner journey.

The Welcome Ceremony will be happen in one of the temples that was build on the top of a graphite  mountain, this ritual is rich in tradition and exquisite foods!


Earth Ceremony

Arriving in Mexico City, we will start our grounding 40 km northeast of modern-day Mexico City at the majestic Teotihuacán. This an ancient Mesoamerican city located in a sub-valley of the Valley of Mexico, is known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. At its zenith, (1 AD to 500 AD), Teotihuacan was the largest cities in the pre-Columbian Americas.


Here will convene our Welcoming Earth Ceremony at the pyramids of the Moon and Sun and visit the Abuelas and sit to hear their stories, their songs and to see the traditional way to make foods.


Water Ceremony


As a prayer we will be doing our Water Ceremony in some of the most exotic waters in Mexico. We will explore the 7 colors lagoon in Bacalar, Chetumal and all the emotions that rise when tapping into our ancestral linages.

We will be refreshed with the waters of the underwater caves called cenotes.

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Fire Ceremony

We will learn the sacred way to do ritual with the fire the way the elders do. We will be guide into a fire ritual where you will have time to tap into you own ancestral memory. The "Temazcalli" or steam house will hold us and will transport us to the womb to remember your true essence.


Cacao Ceremony


We will have the chance to sit in circle with the "medicine of the heart". Cacao has many great benefits for the body, mind and soul. Some are very specific to the brain, circulatory system, kidneys and liver.

With this ritual we will activate  and open the heart chakra to the song and prayer of indigenous ways.

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Closing Ceremony


We will close our journey into Ancestral lands with a visit to the Divine Pyramid of Kukulkan where we will learn about the Mayan cosmic vision and their tradition around this sacred temple that is the representation of the wrongly called Mayan Calendar, which is actually more a sychronometer.

Your Retreat Guide

Maytrelli Diaz is a yoga instructor by Asoc. Mexicana de Yoga, Sivananda Yoga School, Ner Dayam, Agama Tantra Yoga in Dharamkot, India. She has a TT for Kids Yoga in the USA. She started exploring sound healing as leader in training of
Dances of Universal Peace in Colombia. While sitting in sacred plant medicine in Rishikesh, India she got the download from Sri Prem Baba, to "awaken the love in
everyone in sacred circle".

She has been a ritualist for over 10 years, coming from Aztec roots and leading different ceremonies, from rites of passage, sweat lodges, grief work, and women circles. Her main intention is always to integrate and create a strong global and sane community, inspiring people to a more holistic and joyful way of living.

This retreat is right for you, if...


  • You are looking to explore the folklore, the people and the wisdom of this culture and prefer to have a native to guide you.

  • You are ready to deepen in your healing and dive into your own ancestry.

  • You are curious about traditional ceremonies and healing rituals from indigenous people.

  • You are open, heart and mind, to look through the veils of time and space to pre-Colonialism and ancient wisdom.

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