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Holistik Living Services

Heal and live holistikly! It is my genuine pleasure to offer many tools
that can help you live with more joy and ease.  If you have any questions,
please reach out so we can make a connection! 


Energy Healing  and Mayan Astrology Readings


With this holistic practice Maytrelli will tune into the the roots of the earth and will create synergy and will help releasing, clearing energies and patterns that stay in the field. With sound healing 

The Mayan astrology information can certainly be found on line, but in this reading Maytrelli will help you tune in and lean in this powerful information that will transform your life.

Get a 15 minutes free zoom call to understand if this is a great fit for you.



Holistik Yoga Wellness Program

ife tends to pull you in so many directions. When you embark in personal coaching with Maytrelli you receive a holistic approach that will help you to integrate your life, decrease stress, and create more happiness. 

Guided by astrology, holistic therapies, ritual, and yoga, reclaim your powers with these deep

Holistik Yoga Wellness Is a program  based on ancient wisdom, and the study of your body as a whole, she will tailor-made a program and create some effective protocols that will help you unblock any areas of your life that need a shift and you will be able to find new paths of inspiration, encouragement and clarity to thrive.  

With holistic practices like Emotional freedom technique (EFT), Crystal therapy, Access Bars, Nutrition, Yoga and the Healing Arts this program is all you need to get back to navigate your life to glow.


Online. $300-$600 sliding scale for 3 months (12 weekly one-hour online sessions) of support and guidance. 

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