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When you join us, you will find holistic wellness will  
harmonize and give peace in your daily life.
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Services & Workshops

I offer many options to heal and live holistikly. I can give you the tools to add healing into your everyday life, one on one healing sessions, and group activities to promote community.

If you have any questions, please reach out so we can make a connection! 


With a great selection of music this moving meditation will lead you to 


Mystical Women's Circle

A sacred space for women

to speak your heart

and dance from your soul.

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Shamanik Cacao

Dance Ceremony

Fall Equinox Celebration

September 22, 2021
5-9 pm

Port Townsend,WA. 

Suggested Loving Donation: $20-30
or 3608218764


Success Stories

"I did the Chakras reconnection training with Maytrelli, I definitely recommend to have this experience, it was incredible, I felt things that I've never felt before, the knowledge  the ambient, the music, and everything else made a unique experience that I look forward to repeat! Maytrelli has an incredible knowledge of yoga, holistic therapies and all around it."

Daniel Torres, México.

"Detach from the world of artificial stimulus and connect within through community and realization of your true, higher self. Women's circle facilitated by Maytrelli was definitely a blissful way to spend an afternoon"


Carmen Call, Seattle.

¨I needed this experience in my life. to reconnect through the theory and practice of the understanding of the alignment of the body with the chakras, the process seen in a single class is unbelievable. I was able to reconnect with my authentic self, dance through my own energy, breathe, listen to live music and let my self free with wonderful people. it's a great experience and special shoutout to Maytrelli the amazing teacher.¨


Mariana Diaz, Méx.


Come to celebrate Equinox Fall by reconnecting with your Self and opening your heart 💓 with the medicine of love and joy, pure Xocolatl guided by Ana Gaby Fernandez that has brought her sacred cacao from Guatemala sourced on a organic farm and processed and Shamanic Dance Ceremony. 

The ceremonial cacao is pure chocolate that contains the balance of components and energies ideal for healing and stimulating the union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart from very subtle and deep levels. It is ideal for increasing vibrational energy and for people who want to stimulate the heart to heal and expand it in loving vibration.

The ceremony is accompanied by cacao activation with healing sound, sacred songs medicine music, and our guest will guide us with magnetic and cosmic music through the journey of Sound and Sacred Dance.

Out Doors


info@holistikliving.com or 360 8218764

Bring a yoga mat, blanket or something to sit on.

Every age human are welcome. 

Loving Donation: $20-$30 Sliding Scale

MUSICIANS that want to join email for more info.


"May Diaz began teaching yoga classes in Coyle in September 2017 and that was my very first introduction to the practice of yoga.  I just took it to see what yoga was about and did not expect it to change my life, but it did.  I had been plagued by years of pain in my back, neck, and shoulders.  Some of that was due to stress, some from sitting for long hours typing on the computer, and some from a lifelong habit of poor posture.  I had been to see doctors, had x-rays, went for physical therapy, tried massage, and had treatments at a chiropractor.  Nothing helped.  But after learning some stretches and movement exercises from May, I was able to ride in a car without back pain.  We were lucky to have May come to Coyle for a couple of years before she moved. In that time I continued to improve in strength, balance, range of motion, and freedom from pain.  Her classes were fun and her energy was contagious.  Every class was different which kept it interesting. I still do yoga with a group twice a week now and it's all thanks to May for getting us started."

Norman J.

Reach Out

Tel:  (360) 821-8764    


Hey Sister:

We are here for You!
Covid 19 Protocol:
Everyone vaccinated or not will be asked to be extremely midful in the week leading up to the weekend, The none vaccinated ones will be required to be tested the day before. (an at-home test is fine, it cost less than $20, can be found at most drug stores, and only takes 15 minutes).

the most important is to all be and feel safe while doing our retreat.

The time is now, join the sisterhood.

Spaces available for
September 3-5

With Love,

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