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Holistik Living exists to facilitate deep spiritual and cultural experiences, provide training for living in maximum awareness and teach practices for healing the body, mind and spirit.  


We focus on sharing practices of movement, healing and social attitude evolution – rooted in the disciplines of art, dance, yoga, chant, meditation and natural health expansion. Welcome!


Upcoming Holistik Living Offerings

ALL Identifying WomXn of Color

May 11 - 14, 2023

​What an amazing time of transition in the world we are living in now!... 

When we look closer, we can see a lot of opportunities to grow, adjust and transform. But perhaps you feel you have tried to find change and empowerment but are struggling to break through. While change can only come from within, Holistik Living  facilitates the journey to personal transformation and can help you open the door to your own true path.

At this Healing Embodiment Retreat, you will be able to experience indigenous native Aztec, Mayan and Hindú healing practices to heal through movement arts as we delve into the exploration of Being. 


You will be welcomed into a sacred temple where women are ready to dive into their own healing journeys.


Through ceremony and sacred ritual, this will be an opportunity to release with respect, wisdom, and gratitude, and open yourself to new paths of wellness among sisters of color.

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Join us on transformational journeys to sacred lands in 2024! 


Mexico- January


Egypt - March


Embody Your Divine Womanhood

4 day retreat.


May 11 -14 2023


A mystical journey to the divine self & main energy centers. 


Women's Circle and Seasonal Celebrations


Individual Coaching,
EFT Sessions,

Shamanic Healing.

Mayan Astrology


I did the Chakras reconnection training with Maytrelli, I definitely recommend to have this experience, it was incredible, I felt things that I've never felt before, the knowledge  the ambient, the music, and everything else made a unique experience that I look forward to repeat! Maytrelli has an incredible knowledge of yoga, holistic therapies and all around it.

Daniel Torres, México.

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