Shakti Rising Retreat

 * Embody your Divine Womanhood * 

Dates Coming for September 2023 in Washington State 

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We welcome your Divine Presence into a beautiful Temple of Healing Arts!

This is an intense time of transition in the world. Perhaps you feel you have tried to find change and empowerment but are are struggling to break through. While change can only come from within, Holistik Living facilitates the journey to personal transformation and can help you open the door to your own true path. 


Shakti Rising retreats are held at a beautiful forest retreat center in the Olympic Peninsula where the land has been carefully designed to do sacred work. In this beautiful space we will create a safe and trusted atmosphere to balance our mind, body, and spirit. 

At this weekend retreat, you will be able to heal through movement arts as we delve into the exploration of Being. You will be welcomed into a sacred temple where 13 women are ready to dive into their own healing journeys. Through ceremony and sacred ritual, we will clarify our purposes and integrate a clearer vision for the next Mayan lunar cycle. It will be an opportunity to release with respect, wisdom, and gratitude, and open yourself to new paths of wellness. 

Inclusion: All womxn 18 and up are welcome here, as we feel the feminine energy should be empowered and supported by our sisterhood.

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Ceremonial Space

We understand the need for the medicine of sisterhood in these times. As facilitators, we are honored to create an atmosphere for you to dive deep into the woman you have always dreamed you could be, with other beautiful women doing their own dives. We need our sisters; this journey is here for us to sing, dance, and together explore the new paradigm we want to create. This world needs us, and we are rising together!

If you feel called, please bring any sacred items to place on the altars or as offerings to the land.

Ritual & Prayer

Diving in the ocean of holistic practices that for centuries have been guarding the wisdom of native aztec and mayan cultures, we are tapping in the alchemy that the elements Water, Fire, Earth, and Air as allies, we will find a gentle guide to  go into ritual with the intention to heal, connect us with our ancestors, cultivate a sense of belonging, remember our purpose, and manifest our truest selves. Led by Maytrelli and Micaela you will fing a gentle way to create your own ways to connect with your essence.


Ritualist  & Shamanic Healer

Maytrelli Diaz, yoga/dance instructor, medicine woman and holistic coach. Her unique way of leading ritual and intuitive healing arts are always looking to get the best of the attendees. She guides every ritual with sublime energy. She create altars and atmospheres that invite integration and vulnerability.

She is the founder of Shakti Rising Retreat as a way to build her soul tribe.


She is carefully designing the retreat based in the attendees, with her attention to detail and ritual she is always tending at what the divine calls for. This time she is featuring healers that are bringing deep transformation.

She lead us into a deep somatic embodiment, aided by , sacred, transformational music carefully chosen to help dive deep and release stress, doubt, and negativity. Practicing yoga in a mandala shape will give you a sense of deeper connection into this moving meditation.

Her goal is that you leave with a clear and positive mind,  a highly energized body, inspire open hearts, and to awaken the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

Maytrelli is now working in her new offering for ALL GENDERS, in the retreat called, SHIVA/SHAKTI RISING. Sing in into our news letter to receive all the last details about this amazing new offering.




We believe that "we are what we eat." All our meals are organic. We serve mostly foods that are indigenous. Delicious eggs, oatmeal and fruits for breakfast. Vegetarian soups and salmon for dinner make with fresh ingredients picked in the peak of their flavor. These delicious, seasonal recipes taste as good as they are for your body.


Lodging, meals and all activities are to be determined.

There are a couple spots that can apply for work trade, to get a discounted rate. if you feel you need this support please don't hesitate to reach up, we are here for you!

Green Vegetables

We will be gathering on the ancestral lands of the Chimacum people, in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

There are two options: Camping on the land or in the yurt temple with other women.

Bring your own bedding and dress in layers during the night can get cold.

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What women are saying about Shakti Rising...

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Fully Alive Again

The Shakti Rising retreat was a beautifully held container for magic to arise and deep nourishing to take place. I loved the plentiful opportunities for authentic performance, sacred connection, and clearing that took place throughout the weekend.

My body, mind, and spirit were rejuvenated and feel fully alive again! Having completed the retreat, I feel I have stepped into a new chapter in my life, more abundant with joy, gratitude, beauty, and connection.

Megan DeVries  is a nurse practitioner and she does crafting herbal goods to help you live  each moment in connection.
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