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9-11 July 2021

Olympic Peninsula

Women's EmbodimentHealingRetreat 

We welcome your Divine Presence into a beautiful

Temple of Healing Arts!
We have all just gone through a time of extreme stress.


Humanity is facing a major
change of force that we could not have predicted.

We have been inside, by ourselves, grieving and hurting. 

But now the sun is back, and we must continue.

Fear of the unexpected can make it challenging to move forward with our lives. We must remember that everything is energy, everything is changing, and everything is constantly moving. For the human being, change can be scary.


We hope you will feel the call and join us for this powerful event! 

Do you want to know the full program? Are you feeling ready to be the woman you always dreamed?

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“Let’s retreat together and out of the world to hear your divine essence”

We are here for you!


This is an intense time of transition in the world.  If you feel you have tried to find change and empowerment but are are struggling to break through, this could be for you.

While change can only come from within, in Holistik Living we facilitate the journey to personal transformation and can help you open the door. 


At this retreat, you will be able to heal through movement arts as we delve into the exploration of Being. You will be welcomed into a sacred temple where 13 women are ready to dive into their own healing journeys. Through ceremony and sacred ritual, we will clarify our purposes and integrate a clearer vision for the next Mayan lunar cycle. It will be an opportunity to release with respect, wisdom, and gratitude, and open yourself to new paths of wellness.

We will gather at a beautiful forest retreat center in the Olympic Peninsula where the land has been carefully designed to do sacred work. In this beautiful space we will create a safe and trusted atmosphere to balance our mind, body, and spirit. 

Ceremonial Space

We understand the need for the medicine of sisterhood in these times. As facilitators, we are honored to create an atmosphere for you to dive deep into the woman you have always dreamed you could be, with other beautiful women doing their own dives. We need our sisters; this journey is here for us to sing, dance, and together explore the new paradigm we want to create. 

This world needs us, and we are rising together!

Ritual & Prayer

Chasity Sade-Griffin is now stepping into her power to voice her prayer and will be using the African Dagara tribe Elemental Medicine Wheel as shared by Malidoma Some to lead us into healing ritual. With a humble and compassionate heart, this is her way to honor her path of service.


Using the elements Water, Fire, Earth, Mineral, and Nature as allies, Chasity will guide us in ritual with the intention to heal, connect us with our ancestors, cultivate a sense of belonging, remember our purpose, and manifest our truest selves.

Voice Healing & Yoga

Micaela Kingslight is a wonderful and skilled musician who will share her gifts of voice and multi-instrumental magic to delight us in ritual circle. Micaela  is  a  trained  teacher  of  Vocal  Yoga,  the  Joy  of  Breathing, Singing and Sounding, techniques of sound healing, resonance training with tuning forks, and voice science. With these tools she will be leading us to promote deep breathing, vocal power, and resonance. 


Shamanik Dance

It is now time to make a stop, regroup, reconnect, and listen to our deeper selves.

Maytrelli Diaz is a yoga/dance instructor and holistic coach who has studied  in India, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA.

She will guide us into a deep somatic movement that will take us into a meditative state of mind, creating a sweet atmosphere with sacred transformational music carefully chosen to help you dive deep and release stress, doubt, and negativity.

The goal is that you leave with a clear and positive mind and a highly energized body. Her goal is always to inspire open hearts and to awaken the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

​Her strong belief is that forgiveness, compassion, and loving actions are transforming people and restoring our existences as living art. 

Sacred Time

This is a meeting with your divine self. If you feel called, please bring any sacred items to place on the altars or as offerings to the land.

Inclusion: All womxn 18 and up are welcome here, as we feel the feminine energy should be empowered and supported by our sisterhood.



We will be gathering on the ancestral lands of the Chimacum people, in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

We have the option of camping on the land or in the yurt temple with other women.

Camping in the woods can get cold and many of our rituals will be outdoors, so we suggest layers and rain protection. 

Bring your own bedding and dress in layers during the night can get cold.


Tea and fruit will be available for breakfast and lunch. 


We ask that you bring a potluck dish for the first night and abundance of food for the group and for yourself. There will be a big dish or soup after our last ceremony of the day, and we need lots of veggies of all kind.

Green Vegetables


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Let's rise together!

Women Holding Hands

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Shakti Rising

Honoring  the Divine Womxnhood
of color"

Coming in September

The beautiful rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula is hosting us!


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