Holistik Living

Rediscovering our comprehensive being

Out of acute awareness that we are at a critical moment for humanity, our intention was born . . . to expedite the evolution of the individual, thereby helping to manifest the next paradigm and inspire people “Holistik Living” worldview.


"Holistik Living” exists to facilitate deep spiritual and cultural experiences, provide training for living in maximum awareness and teach practices for healing the body, mind and spirit.  


We initially focus on sharing practices of movement,healing and social attitude evolution – rooted in the disciplines of art, dance, yoga, chant, meditation and natural health expansion. 


“To view life in true Holistik form is to experience maximum awareness”.

History of Holism


Holistik Living has its foundation in the term Holism, which comes from the Greek word holos, which was coined in South Africa in 1926 by Jan Smuts and means unity, totality.

It is a way of conceptualizing reality in which, to address individual parts of our reality, we consider its place as one of all parts of a greater whole and interact accordingly.

The holistic adjective denotes the meeting point of these fragments.  The system considers the universe and the elements that compose it.


Humanity had its beginnings conceptualizing holistically.  It was not until a few hundred years ago that rationality became the pillar of human development.


Science and specialization fragmented perception.

With single-subject study we limit and reduce our experience.  The truth is that “I am a molecular physical being, a biological being, an emotional being, a thinking - cognitive- logical being and a spiritual being. But the truth is also that I am all of those at once”.

The human being is a single whole, fragmented only for the convenience of the observer, who thus can grasp and understand from their experience and past bias. 


Holistik Living sees the study and development of the self as a whole.  With a dynamic systems approach, the trans-dimensional energy will have a loving effect on education, health and social action.

Description  of the logo

Found on the logo at the bottom is the Sri Yantra also known as "mother of all yantras or yantra of cosmic creation¨.

A yantra is the particular layer of a mandala, a visual image representing the harmonic tones of mantras.  It is said that to meditate with this yantra, one can develop an awareness of universal harmony. Tripasundari, the supreme Tantra Goddess is represented by nine intersecting triangles in a circle or lotus and is the representation of the divine feminine energy.  The upward triangles represent the divine masculine energy.

The Sri Yantra is the symbol of the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti, the tantric highest force of creation.

The oldest representation of the symbol is from the Hindu tradition, one of the first cultures in the world.


The ancestral hummingbird, a symbol of rebirth that brings joy, energy and beauty, a symbol of resurrection.  This is a creature that helps to open the heart.  When we receive hummingbird power our life becomes a paradise of sensual delights and teaches us to appreciate the magic and face challenges dominating the inner calm.  We even out things that seem agitated and learn from the lessons of life, with a willing heart and living in acceptance and strength.

The flaming heart that beats with the highest vibration in the center is the symbol of total conscious life around, a planet in harmony, living holistically.