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How to Ace Your Labor Law Exam with Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF

How to Ace Your Labor Law Exam with Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF

If you are a law student or a bar examinee who wants to master the subject of labor law, you might be interested in getting a copy of Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF. This is a comprehensive and updated guide on labor law that covers the topics prescribed by the Supreme Court for the bar examination.

Labor Law Reviewer Chan Robles.pdf


Chan Robles is a legal practitioner, professor of law and bar reviewer who has extensive experience and expertise in labor law. He has authored several books and articles on labor law and has lectured in various law schools and review centers. He is also the managing partner of Chan Robles Law Firm, one of the leading law firms in the Philippines.

Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF is based on the 2019 Syllabus for Labor Law issued by the Supreme Court Bar Examination Committee. It contains annotations, citations, examples, illustrations and tips on how to answer bar questions on labor law. It also includes new laws, rulings and issuances that have significant impact on labor law, such as:

  • Republic Act No. 10022 - An Act Amending Republic Act No. 8042, Otherwise Known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995, as Amended

  • Republic Act No. 9710 - An Act Providing for the Magna Carta of Women

  • Republic Act No. 9481 - An Act Strengthening the Workers' Constitutional Right to Self-Organization

  • Republic Act No. 9347 - An Act Rationalizing the Composition and Functions of the National Labor Relations Commission

Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF is divided into five parts: Part One covers New Laws; Part Two covers Books 1 to 4 of the Labor Code and some important social legislation; Part Three covers Book 5; Part Four covers Books 6 and 7 of the Labor Code; and Part Five features the coverage of the 2019 Bar Examination in Labor Law and a survey of all questions given in the Bar Examination in Labor Law for the last twenty years.

Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn and excel in labor law. It is easy to read, understand and apply. It is also affordable and accessible online. You can download it from Scribd or from ChanRobles Virtual Law Library.

How to Use Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF Effectively

Now that you have downloaded Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF, you might be wondering how to use it effectively to prepare for your labor law exam. Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Read the reviewer carefully and thoroughly. Do not skip any part or topic. Pay attention to the annotations, citations and examples that explain the concepts and principles of labor law.

  • Review the questions and answers given in Part Five of the reviewer. Try to answer them on your own before checking the suggested answers. Compare your answers with the answers given by Chan Robles and see where you need to improve.

  • Practice answering more questions on labor law from past bar examinations or mock tests. You can find them online or in review centers. Use Chan Robles' reviewer as a reference and guide when answering them.

  • Test your knowledge and understanding of labor law by taking quizzes or exams online or in review centers. You can also join study groups or forums where you can discuss labor law issues and cases with other students or examinees.

  • Review and revise your notes and outlines on labor law regularly. Make sure you memorize the important definitions, terms, rules and exceptions in labor law. You can also use flashcards, mnemonics or acronyms to help you remember them.

By following these tips, you can make the most out of Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF and increase your chances of acing your labor law exam. Remember, labor law is not a difficult subject if you study it well and apply it correctly. Good luck!

What are the Benefits of Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF

Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF is not only a useful tool for studying labor law, but also a beneficial resource for your future career as a lawyer. Here are some of the benefits of using Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF:

  • It will help you develop your analytical and critical thinking skills in labor law. You will learn how to apply the law to different situations and scenarios, and how to solve labor law problems and disputes.

  • It will enhance your communication and writing skills in labor law. You will learn how to express your arguments and opinions clearly and persuasively, and how to write effective and concise labor law documents and pleadings.

  • It will broaden your knowledge and perspective on labor law. You will learn about the latest developments and trends in labor law, both locally and internationally, and how they affect the rights and interests of workers and employers.

  • It will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities in labor law practice. You will learn about the different areas and fields of labor law, such as labor standards, labor relations, social security, overseas employment, women's rights, etc., and how to handle various labor law cases and clients.

With Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF, you will not only pass your labor law exam, but also become a competent and confident labor law practitioner.

How to Get Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF

If you are interested in getting Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF, you can easily download it from the internet. There are two websites where you can find it:

  • Scribd - This is a digital library where you can access millions of books, articles, documents and other publications online. You can download Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF for free or for a minimal fee depending on your subscription plan.

  • ChanRobles Virtual Law Library - This is the official website of Chan Robles Law Firm where you can access various legal resources and services online. You can download Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF for free or for a donation to support the website.

Once you have downloaded Chan Robles' Reviewer PDF, you can print it or save it on your computer or mobile device. You can also share it with your friends or classmates who are also studying or reviewing labor law. b99f773239


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