Maytrelli Diaz

"Living every moment deeply and

rejoicing in a permanent celebration,

that is holistik living"


Maytrelli earned a law degree from Whesthill University in Mexico City, specializing in environmental issues. As a young adult, after clearly seeing the current condition of modern human behavior in the legal system, she realized that her path was to help bring holistic awareness to society.  She followed her intuition and became a new student of the world.

It was later that she found a foundation of harmony and consistency in the practice of yoga and became certified as an instructor of the Universal Yoga Diksha division under Master Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere of the Mexican Federation of Universal Yoga.  

She traveled to India with the intention of exploring the traditional wisdom, studying different aspects of Tantra Yoga at Agama School of Yoga, she dived into a wonderful experience at the Kerala, Sivananda Ashram and  was certified in Thai Yoga Healing techniques and Reflexology. She made a living there, falling in love of the amazing open heart of locals and the great amount of wisdom from the different traditions and disciplines.


In 2011 she started the art of ritual, leading circles, and ceremonies, and deepened in the shamanic healing arts.

In April of 2012, another dream came true. She traveled to South America for the first time to soak in the training to be a Leader of the Dances of Universal Peace


In 2013 she continued her education with Rainbow Kids Yoga in Seattle, Washington, finding the contact with the little ones and their relatives a great way to help support growth and help kids release stress.


In her practice of yoga and dance, HOLISTIK LIVING is one the expression of one of May's holiest dreams, serving as inspiration and guidance to open hearts and awaken the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

Her strong belief is that forgiveness, compassion, and loving actions are transforming people and restoring our existences as living art.  Together, we will succeed in being a community of love for the Earth and reaching the ultimate goal of all beings: HAPPINESS.

May_LAke Selmak.png

"Living holistically brings a renewed sense of wholeness and helps reaching our true happiness"



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